Achievements are a feature from Chapter 1 and 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is possible that there will be more achievements upon Chapter 3's release.

So far, there are 11 achievements to unlock.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Name Image Description
Picking Up the Pieces
Picking Up the Pieces icon
Collect all items.
Hello Bendy
Hello Bendy icon
Fall through the floor.
The Creator
The Creator and Man Behind the Curtain icon
Visit theMeatly.
Crooner Tuner
Crooner Tuner icon
Turn on the radio.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Name Image Description
The Believer
The Believer icon
Survive being chased by Bendy.
My Favorite Song
My Favorite Song icon
Solve the music puzzle.
Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast icon
Turn on the radio.
Johnny's Broken Heart
Johnny's Broken Heart icon
Play the pipe organ 5 times.
Man Behind the Curtain
The Creator and Man Behind the Curtain icon
Visit theMeatly.
Strike Up the Band
Strike Up The Band icon
Get all the Bendys on stage.
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon icon
Eat all the cans of Bacon Soup in Chapter Two.

Chapter 3

Coming soon.


Description Audio
The sound produced when unlocking an achievement ingame.
SFX Achievment Gamejolt 01


  • The achievements were added to Chapter 1's remastered edition.


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