Accounting & Finance is the final location in Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine and the beginning location of Chapter 4. It is located on Level S.


There is a sign that says "LEVEL S" next to the hallway leading out of the room. A wooden crate can be seen to the bottom right of the sign. Part of the Ink Machine's lift mechanisms are located in the back of the room and a "WORK HARD, WORK HAPPY" is poster printed on the wall. There is also a casket and a Bacon Soup can.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

During the horror visions, Ink Bendy can be seen in the hallway of Accounting & Finance.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Physical Alice brings the elevator down to Level S at the end of Chapter 3. Henry awakens to see Boris in front of him, shaking him awake, while Physical Alice slowly walks toward them, thinking that Henry died in the crash. The screen cuts to black before quickly showing Boris being dragged off into the darkness, leaving Henry alone and ending the chapter.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

Accounting & Finance is the starting location at the beginning of Chapter 4, following the elevator crash from the previous chapter.


  • Before Chapter 4's release, if hacking into this room, the room lacks the lifting mechanisms, the "WORK HARD, WORK HAPPY" poster, and ink stains. The elevator does not turn out to be destroyed.
    • If one hacks outside of the map the Gent pipe can be found floating in mid air.
  • There is a can of Bacon Soup next to the generator.


28...Accounting & Finance

28. Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance


Description Audio
The first sound cue of the ending scene.
SFX CH3 finaleending
The second sound cue of the ending scene.
SFX CH3 finaleending2
The final sound cue of the ending scene.
SFX CH3 finaleending3
Physical Alice's humming.
Ch3 alice 01 lobbyhumming
The sound of the lights flickering. File:Sfx light flicker buzz loop.ogg


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders