This article contains a list of audio related to "Bendy".


Description Audio
"Bendy's" chase theme.
MUS Little Devil Darling Remastered
The sound produced for when "Bendy" is crawling in the air ducts.
FOL Duct Crawling 01
The startling instrumental sound that plays when emerging from ink in Chapter 1.
The sound produced for when "Bendy" is trying to break down the door after he is locked out at the end of the corridor maze in Chapter 2.
SFX BendyAtTheDoor
The sound produced for when "Bendy" is running.
SFX Bendy Breathing 01
The looped sounds produced for when "Bendy" is breathing.
SFX Bendy Vocal Chest Noise Loop 01
SFX Bendy Vocal Chest Noise Loop 02
The sound produced for when "Bendy" is appearing from the ink puddle in Chapter 2.
SFX BendyAppearsFromInk
"Bendy's" vocal attack.
SFX Bendy Vocal Attack 01-07
SFX Bendy Vocal Attack 02
SFX Bendy Vocal Attack 03
"Bendy's" ambiance.
SFX CH3 BendyAmbience
The sound "Bendy" produces when near Henry while in hiding.
SFX CH3 creepingloop
"Bendy" jumpscaring from the Vents.
SFX BendyAppearance
The sound of "Bendy" fighting The Projectionist.
Anim projectionist fight
"Bendy's" footsteps.
Bendy NewFootsteps 01
Bendy NewFootsteps 02
Bendy NewFootsteps 03
Bendy NewFootsteps 04
The sounds produced for when "Bendy" walks over wooden floors.
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 01
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 02
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 03
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 04
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 05
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 06
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 07
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 08
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 09
FOL Footsteps Bendy Wood 10


Description Audio
"Bendy's" chase theme in previous older updates before the release of Chapter 4.
Music littledevildarling
"Bendy's" scream produced when emerging from the ink in the Chapter 1's prototype.
The moaning sound produced for when "Bendy" killed Henry in Chapter 2's pre-update.
SFX Bendy Vocal Scared 01

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